Forår 2010

Matt White:

I've been in Denmark for a couple of days now at the wonderful Dannotes event. It's a slightly different setup compared to other user groups that I've been to, but as with all user groups, the organisation behind the scenes is amazing, the people are interesting and good company, and there are interesting conversations happening everywhere you look.

I ended up presenting the full version of Tim Clark and my Lotusphere session. If you saw it in Florida then you'll know that we had too much content to get through. Well luckily here I had three hours to speak so was able to finish the entire presentation for the first time. It seemed to go pretty well with some interesting questions and only one mistake from me. My lesson from the afternoon is that talking and coding for three hours is really hard work, though I suppose I should have been able to guess that beforehand.

We've been looked after by the organisers here really well. The hotel is ideal for a user group meeting, the restaurant was very nice and the beer and wine flowed freely (possibly a little too freely judging by some people this morning).

And then we get onto the volcanic eruption. The upshot of several hours on the phone and internet is that we're stuck here until Saturday. So given that I am travelling with Warren "Mr Lego" Elsmore, I'm sure you won't be too surprised to find we're heading to Legoland after Dannotes wraps up for an impromptu visit. Then tomorrow it's into Copenhagen before, hopefully, heading home on Saturday. At the moment that is all entirely theoretical as the airlines don't know when they'll be able to operate again. I suppose you just have to make the most of an unexpected opportunity.

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Warren Elsmore:
After a couple of days working in Copenhagen this week, I drove back to the airport (via the city center - BAD Garmin!) to pick up Matt White. Why? Because we were both invited to speak at the DanNOTES conference over the next couple of days. As Matt said on the way, 'it's great to be able to visit all these other user groups and steal their ideas', which is, in some ways, very true!

In fact, I've nothing bad to say abut DanNOTES at all, I had a really good time - and learnt alot myself as well. The format of the day is similar to many other events, except that Matt and I took the Admin/Dev tracks to ourselves and delivered 3hr of content each. Not having any 3hr long sessions, I delivered AdminBlast, the Lowdown on LDAP, and a new Directory Integration session. I think I didn't scare people too much - we shall see! The Directory Integration session actually threw up an idea that is quite possibly one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen. More of that soon!

Of course, on the second day I come down after breakfast (possibly with a slight hangover) to hear that my flight is cancelled due to a Volcano. Once I realised it wasn't a wind-up, then we got onto the next blog post....

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Efterår 2009

Paul Mooney:
DanNotes is a fantastic user group. And it is a real user group, organising multiple events yearly and forums for Danish users to discuss Lotus Notes. This forums are built on Domino, Sametime and Lotus Connections. It is very obvious that the people organising the event are very interested in their local community and want the user group to grow and flourish.
The event itself ran like clockwork and the facilities and food were outstanding. The attendees are fun and social with good technical knowledge and questions.
It was a pleasure to present there and would love to see more of Denmark next time I get there.

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Forår 2009

Gabriella Davis:

Last week I was invited to present at Dannotes the Danish Lotus User group in Denmark. It was a great conference with a bigger turnout than I was expecting from a user group and I did presentations on ID Vault, DCT and Websphere. Unfortunately my presentation was in English and although everyone there had extremely good English, I felt the usual shame of a person with only one language talking to a multi lingual audience. It did make me decide that next time I present in country where the first language isn't English, I will arrange to get my slides at least translated into the local language and present with those. Do you think that would be valuable ?

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