19-11-2014 - 20-11-2014, 2 dags seminar, 52. møde

Sted: Comwell Klarskovgaard, Korsør


Onsdag den 19. november 2014

09:00 - 09:30Registrering, kaffe og morgenmad

09:30 - 09:40Formanden byder velkommen til deltagere og sponsorer

Thomas Lindberg
09:40 - 11:20Keynote: The IBM Social Mail Roadmap

With the announcement of IBM Mail Next, IBM has a wide selection of social mail clients, including IBM Notes and the mail interface in IBM Connections. Each are serving their own purpose and this session will take you through the various use cases and which option you should consider in order to accelerate your social business journey by moving adoption of social capabilities to your collaboration client. The session will also cover IBMs social mail roadmaps and how a fully integrated collaboration client will help you realise your company’s full creative potential and save you time and money through smarter collaboration. There will be plenty of interaction and cool demos.

Kramer Reeves / Hans Petter Dalen

11:20 - 11:30Pause/Socializing/Sponsorer / Sponsorområde

11:30 - 11:45Sponsoroplæg / Auditorium

Sponsorene har hver især 5 minutter til at præsentere deres indlæg efter frokost

11:45 - 12:30Look inside the Inbox and see the bigger picture

Since its revolutionary inception in 1993 the design and functionality of electronic mail has remained fundamentally consistent - we type out messages, send them to our contacts and wait for a reply. Up until now there’s been no easy way to add collaborative tools to your inbox or to ask questions like “What’s on my plate today?”, or “What happened with that report?”. In this session we challenge those fundamentals and examine the requirements and possibilities of next generation email as we discuss and demo our experience with IBM Mail Next.

Tim Malone / Hans Petter Dalen
12:30 - 13:30Frokost i hotellets restaurant

13:30 - 14:30Breakout: Wagging the tail

IBM Domino has over 20 years of proven track record as a rock-solid application development platform for business applications. Domino uniquely address the "gray" area in the spectrum of applications between your enterprise ERP and the smart guy writing Excel macros: The "long tail" of enterprise applications.
Today, Domino range from a NoSQL appliance to hosting applications with compelling web and mobile interfaces.  We will explore the role and directions for each of the components - the Notes rich client, the Notes Browser plug-in, the XPages model, the Mail Next client - and options for hosting your applications on-premises and in various cloud-offerings - and of course the Domino server itself.

Uffe Sørensen, IBM
Sted: Auditorium
13:30 - 14:30Breakout: Sametime video vs. SmartCloud video

Bo Holtemann, IBM
Sted: Konference 2
14:30 - 15:30Breakout Udviklere: OpenNTF and open source for developers

Christian Güedemann
Nathan T. Freeman
Sted: Auditorium

14:30 - 15:30Breakout Administratorer: Introduktion til ekstern adgang til IBM Connections 5

Ekstern adgang er for mange IBM Connections kunder den mest ventede funktion siden v. 1, da den tillader samarbejde mellem personer på inder- og ydersiden af firewall'en. Samarbejdet kan ske på fællesskaber og filer og giver rigtig gode muligheder for samarbejde til en super pris. Gratis. Denne session giver et overblik over ekstern adgang - hvad det er og hvad det ikke er - samt hvad der skal til for at sætte det op. Denne session er både for administratorer og ikke-tekniske personer, der ønsker et overblik over disse nye muligheder, og hvordan det passer ind i netop deres organisation.

Mikkel Heisterberg, IntraVision
Sted: Konference 2
15:30 - 16:30Sponsorindlæg

Sponsorerne kan besøges i 4 forskellige lokaler

Panagenda - A Performance Boost for your IBM Notes Client

Would your users like their IBM Notes client to perform faster? Do some applications and clients seem to load slowly? Re-written for IBM Notes 9, learn where to look to find out what’s wrong - and resolve it. Find out how to debug your client, deal with outdated ODS, network latency and application performance issues and more importantly understand why you should care. Gather best practices on how to streamline location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is so important. Improve your IBM Notes client installations to provide a better experience for happier administration and happier end users! And last but not least, Christoph will show you how to increase the startup time of virtualized IBM Notes Clients (Citrix / vmware / etc) up to 70%.
Download the slides here

Aveedo from We4IT - Modernising your Applications
Aveedo allows you to bring new and existing applications to all your devices – browsers, tablets & smartphones.  It’s an application framework which allows you to build new XPages applications and modernise existing applications extremely rapidly and without any XPages skills.
- Create new business applications without using Domino Designer.  Simple apps can be created in minutes, average apps in a few hours to a couple of days and complex apps in a week or two.
- Modernize existing Notes Client applications to state of the art browser-based apps without changing the underlying database.  Aveedo is simply used to create a new front-end.
- Mobilise applications without additional effort.   Aveedo’s responsive design technology means that applications will simply format themselves according to the size of the screen on which it’s being viewed.
- Workflow becomes easier to add to applications when the users in the business are able to use Aveedo’s visual modeller to describe the sequence of activities that they need to be automated. The workflow engine allows the completed process to be swiftly integrated into your application.
Join Simon for this session where he will be showing you how all this can be achieved in a live demo.
Now what could possibly go wrong!

We4it: Auditorium
IBM: Rum 1
Panagenda: Konference 2
Intravision: Rum 2

16:30 - 17:00Product Update / Ask IBM

Produktinformation med god mulighed for at stille spørgsmål.

Der vil være fleksibel bagkant, så man evt. kan blive og fortsætte en god diskussion.

Bo Falkenberg, IBM
Uffe Sørensen, IBM
Hans Petter Dalen, IBM
18:00 - 19:00Quiz i barområdet

Thomas Lindberg
19:00Middag i hotellets restaurant

Torsdag den 20. november 2014

07:00 - 08:50Morgenmad i hotellets restaurant

08:50 - 09:00Godmorgen

Thomas Lindberg
09:00 - 09:30Generalforsamling

Thomas Lindberg
09:30 - 10:30Breakout Administratorer: Smart cloud - How to start

Sted: Auditorium
09:30 - 10:30Breakout Udviklere: OpenNTF, Graphs, and Revolutions

Problem: Your Domino domain has thousands of isolated data silos with unstructured documents, increasing index demands and limited data types. Solution: The OpenNTF Domino API can flatten your entire Domino environment into a single Graph database, enforcing schemas, eliminate views, and allow almost unlimited data types, turning your Domino servers into a secure enterprise data service. All with free, open source software and all right now. Come see how you can join this revolution.

Nathan T. Freeman
Sted: Konference 2
Download presentation on Github.

10:30 - 11:00Speedsponsoring

11:00 - 11:30Konkurrence: IBM XPages Challenge

Finalisterne præsenterer deres løsninger, løsningerne vurderes af publikum og vinderen kåres af dommerpanelet Thomas Lindberg og Bo Falkenberg, hvorefter præmien overrækkes.

OBS: Se mere info nederst på siden, hvis du selv vil deltage.

11:30 - 12:30Breakout Administratorer: All the meat you need to beef up your domino security

We all know that IBM Domino has established itself as a powerful collaboration platform. It also has a LOT of flexibility and customization capabilities when it comes to securing your data, a business aspect that gains more importance every day. However with great flexibility comes a great amount of potential bottlenecks. As administrators and developers, it's vital that we understand the low level mechanisms that help us make our servers, applications and documents secure both from the web and the client side. In this in-depth session, we will discuss a large variety of topics like ACL tricks & secrets, server security, encryption options, securing agents, documents, designs and more. We'll talk about common but little known obstacles and we'll dissect worst practices to understand what can go wrong. You'll come away from this high-protein buffet with enough meat in the form of best practices and solutions to help you better understand your current environment setup, spot security risks and prevent data breaches.

Ben Menesi
Sted: Auditorium
11:30 - 12:30Breakout Udviklere: Developing for Developer - The art of plugin development

XPages development is becoming more and more common and commodity. But there are new ground to claim and the extensibility of the XSP platform allows developer to develop for developers.

But how to start? What are the common pitfalls? And how to build an extension that has an influence to the community?

Lets have an open and interactive discussion according the approach that we have taken for POI4XPages and the XPages Toolkit.

Christian Güedemann
Sted: Konference 2

12:30 - 13:30Frokost i hotellets restaurant

13:30 - 14:30Breakout Administratorer: Show and tell on Security Products

Ben Menesi
Sted: Auditorium
13:30 - 14:30Breakout Udviklere: “It worked before” – JUnit Testing in XPages

Writing clean code is a form of art. Writing clean code that works, is the high target. But how can I be sure that my last change not affects functionality of existing code?
Test-driven Development (TDD) is a way of developing application that covers this ground. Thanks to the new org.openntf.junit.xsp plugin, this way of developing application is now available for XPage developer.
Learn how TDD can be used in XPages projects and why the use of TDD has a positive effect of the presenters work-life balance. Get first hand experience how TDD has worked in a huge project and how the employees could be engaged. Get inspired to use TDD in your next project to produce clean code that works.

Christian Güedemann
Sted: Konference 2

14:30 - 15:30Breakout Administratorer: Native vs. Hybrid Apps

- og hvad skal der til for at udvikle en App?

Behovet for mobile Apps er ikke til at komme udenom. Men skal vi udvikle hybrid Apps, der kan dække flere platforme fra start af eller skal vi udvikle native Apps til de individuelle platforme, vi ønsker at understøtte? Det afhænger af formålet, integrationen, behovet for offline support osv. I denne session afdækker vi nogle af forholdene omkring denne problematik og så viser vi hvorledes man kan udvikle en simpel App der integrerer fra/til en Notes/Domino baseret fraværsregistrerings løsning. Sessionen indeholder også en gennemgang af den overordnede løsningsarkitektur fsva. login, databaser, VPN mv.

Michael Gylling Hviid, WeDoMobility
Henrik Melberg Hansen, WeDoMobility
Sted: Auditorium
14:30 - 15:30Breakout Udviklere: REST services and IBM Domino/XWork

Loose coupling of systems is key to future development! Why? Because it will allow us to change the "components" as we go along instead of creating monster big systems that are tied together using all sorts of different technologies. Webservices have been a way to obtain this over the last decade. More recently a special variant has become very popular, namely the JSON based REST service.

Imagine you could extend your data out to the world outside your Domino environment? - in an easy way....! And imagine those data could easily be incorporated into other systems via standardized interfaces... Could that extend the value of your current systems further? Could this be a way to use new technologies to modernize your users' experience of working with your systems?

Come and take away knowledge about how to open your Domino/XWork based systems up to the world outside using JSON based REST services. They are going to be key to future development in Domino/XWork - whether you want to use data in browser solutions (e.g. based on angular.js or ExtJS) or native mobile apps (built in whatever technology is best).

John Dalsgaard
Sted: Konference 2

15:30Afslutning og tak for denne gang!

Thomas Lindberg

Vi takker seminarets sponsorer:

Information om konkurrencen IBM XPages Challenge:

Der tales så meget om hvilke muligheder XPages tilbyder, og nu får du chancen for at vise os netop din lækre XPages løsning og blive kåret som XPage konge/dronning.

Derfor inviterer DanNotes og IBM nu til en konkurrence for at finde den bedste XPages løsning udviklet af en DanNotes deltager. Vinderen kåres på DanNotes efterårsseminar og får 4 biograf billetter, samt mulighed for at præsentere løsningen på IBM bloggen Alle kan deltage i konkurrencen og løsningerne bliver vurderet ud fra brugergrænseflade, kvalitet og brugbarhed. Finalisterne vil skulle præsentere deres løsning på DanNotes konferencen, hvor den endelig afgørelse finder sted og vinderen kåres og fejres af publikum.

Konkurrencen foregår ved at du:

- Senest den 9. november kl. 17 præsenterer din løsning i form af en 1-sides beskrivelse som sendes til: Thomas Lindberg ( og Bo Falkenberg (

- Du får efterfølgende besked om hvorvidt du er udvalgt blandt finalisterne og skal præsentere din løsning på DanNotes

- Du får 5 minutter til at præsentere din løsning på DanNotes og alle kneb gælder for at få publikum til at synes om din løsning

- Løsningerne vurderes af publikum på uformel vis efter hver præsentation, og den endelige vinder kåres af dommerpanelet Thomas Lindberg og Bo Falkenberg, hvorefter præmien overrækkes

Vi ser frem til at se din lækre XPages løsning!